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Video Features

Video Features

Life in Black and White

Life in Black and White is a series of four shorts that explore the lives of four unique individuals that work in black and white everyday.

Producer/Director/Editor: Regina Rivard:

Business with Passion

Andrea Carla Michaels is a namer, a crossword constructor, and an-all-around word enthusiast. A former stand-up comic, Dating Game chaperone, and a motorhome winner on "Wheel of Fortune".

Wheel of Fortune: Winning a Motorhome!

Storytelling at the Vent 

Andrea Carla Michaels tells about how she won a motorhome on "Wheel of Fortune".

The "Pizza Lady" of Polk St, Andrea Carla Michaels has been feeding the folks who live on the Streets of San Francisco (and in the Alley).

Feeding the Have NOTS (Neighbors On The Streets)