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Pizza Lady SF

Pizza Lady SF


Christmas 2015 I found "my calling" when I adopted a pizza place, convinced them to give me the food they were throwing out and letting me bring it to the have NOTS (Neighbors on the Street).  The owners, a Muslim couple from Algeria, warm it up, put it in boxes, give me gloves and napkins and off I go...

Here is what I've learned re sharing food for the Have NOTS (Neighbors on the Street)
Wonderful instinct and generosity but please give to folks DIRECTLY as it will:

  • Prevent your generous gesture from ending up as trash
  • Give you a chance to receive direct heartfelt appreciation
  • Give the recipient chance to interact in meaningful way
  • Eg ask (perhaps) what it is, where its from, how old it is
  • Will eliminate someone having to dig thru trash
  • Will decrease it being left to rot or make someone sick
  • Gives recipient face to face to evaluate that you are not crazy /trying to poison them
  • Let's you know it was eaten and not left as trash
  • Will lessen trash and spread of disease from what was meant as a genuine heartfelt not wasteful gesture

Read more about the Good Samaritan Food Distribution Law





"Pizza Lady," AKA Andrea Carla Michaels, has been delivering daily free slices of pie to neighbors in need for more than two years in the Lower Polk corridor. So far, she's distributed more than 17,000 slices, and she has no plans to stop."

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